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Features and benefits

  • 60" diameter x 63" long straight side
  • Handles up to six 12.00 x 24 tires per cycle.
  • 606 model features Indirect Steam for fast, cost efficient curing process.
  • 706 model features Electric Heating.
  • All controls with adjustable temperature and pressure settings are operator engineered for convenience and safety.
  • Hoses with inner and outer springs automatically adjust tire pressure differential.
  • Fast Warm Up allows processing of 30 tires per 8 hour shift.
  • VULCAN-VULCAP’s rugged design, advanced engineering and quality manufacturing ensures continuous productivity.
  • The compact design requires minimum floor space (120" x 80") to give you a high profitability work station.
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    VULCAN-VULCAP 606/706 Treadchamber
  • The Treadchamber door has an integrated hinge and bearing assembly for easy alignment and closing.
  • The power operated air over oil Hydraulic Door Interlock System closes securely around the door flanges and is sealed with a pressurized "0" ring plus hard covered insulation, for maximum temperature retention.
  • ASME approved safety interlock "Zero pressure indicator" promotes operator safety by ensuring that the door cannot be opened when the chamber is pressurized.
  • A powerful 7½ H.P. fan delivers high velocity air (2200 C.F.M.) across the steam heat exchangers. Air is recycled every five seconds.
  • Totally insulated Treadchamber requires only 5 boiler H.P. to maintain efficient curing temperature.
  • Exclusive self lubricating fan bearing ensures long operating life of equipment.
  • Temperature and Pressure Recording Charts, Vacuum Pump Assembly Warning Light System and Start up Supervision available.

Standard features included in all 60" diameter Chambers are timer, long hoses, temperature recorder, pressure recorder, tire trolleys.