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The VULCAN-VULCAP model 19T Wide Belt Treadsander is constructed on a rugged box type to ensure minimum vibration and deflection. Available in three belt widths.

The VULCAN-VULCAP Treadsander uses resin bonded silicon carbide sanding belts for scorch free, uniform texture and best adhesion.

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VULCAN-VULCAP Treadsplicer
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VULCAN-VULCAP Tread Buffer CB #40
Conveyor System:
The conveyor table extends 30 inches at the infeed and the drive consists of a flange mounted helical gear reducer driven through fixed center variable speed sheaves. A heavy-duty 3 ply rubber rufftop conveyor belt is included.

Motors and Controls:
The main drive, fan cooled motor is totally enclosed and the magnetic starters and control relays are built into a UL approved, dust tight enclosure All controls are mounted on the open side of the machine and will operate on 110 volts.

Automatic Tracking and Tensioning:
Uniform tension of the abrasive belt is maintained by an air cylinder, which is built into the center post. A photoelectric system tracks the abrasive belt and provides a controllable, uniform rate of oscillation. Solid state modules with quick disconnects are used. A pneumatic device on each side of the abrasive belt monitors the tracking system and interlocks with the braking system.

Safety Interlocks:
If any part of the pneumatic system fails while the machine is operating, the braking system will bring the machine to a three second emergency stop.

Contact Roller:
A 7 inch diameter, rubber covered, ground and serrated contact is driven through multiple V belts, resulting in maximum power input and minimum abrasive belt slippage. All high-speed rolls are dynamically balanced. Sealed ball bearings are used throughout the machine. All necessary belt guards and dust hoods are included.





  • The VULCAN-VULCAP Treadsplicer is designed to produce a continuous length tread and reduce wastage of tread rubber.
  • The air operated Treadsplicer produces precise spliced treads for use on automatic builders.
  • The Splicer is available in steam or 110 volt electrically heated models and uses matrix plates for perfect matching of tread.
  • The Treadsplicer with temperature control and indicator applies 100 psi pressure to precure cushion gum for high adhesion.




VULCAN-VULCAP Treadcutter with air operated guillotine provides a perfect cut everytime.


                                         CB-40 / 50





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Telephone: (416) 266-0371 Fax: (416) 266-4251
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"Continuing the Over 50 Year Tradition of Quality Equipment & Service to the Tire Repair Industry."


      ·         Continuous duty 40 H.P. or 50 H.P. drive motor
      ·         Most powerful buffer available
      ·         Heavy duty power transmission and electrical components
      ·         One to one template control
      ·         Precision expandable hub
      ·         Process 13” through 14:00 x 24
      ·         Circumferential buffing
      ·         Stand alone console
      ·         Template override
      ·         Fast tire inflate
      ·         Rugged sturdy construction
      ·         Machine slide rails and bearings

      ·         Fast, efficient operation
      ·         Low maintenance cost
      ·         High dependability
      ·         Operator friendly
      ·         Accuracy for all tire constructions
      ·         Long life for extra value
      ·         Versatile range of tire sizes

·         Duplex capability
      ·         Power traverse
      ·         Long life follow bar
      ·         Fast inflate system
      ·         Precision expandable hub system
      ·         10” wide rasp

      ·         Rasp sharpener
      ·         Tire measurement system
      ·         Expandable rims
      ·         Sidewall buffer
      ·         Lighted Belt sensor

      ·          Full range pollution control systems

        Length 63” (1.59 m), Width 68” (1.72 m)
Height 60” (1.52 m), Weight 4000–4500 lb (1814 kg)

230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 200 Amp
        460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 100 Amp

        130 PSIG  @ 50 CFN intermittent
         (10.8 Atms @ 28 litres/sec.)


         Maximum tire diameter 53” (134.6 cm)
         Maximum section width 18” (45.7 cm)
         Maximum tire and rim weight  400 lbs (181.4 kg)



VULCAN-VULCAP Industries has been marketing dependable equipment for over 60 years.  We have invested in continuous improvement in our manufacturing facility and our products. Today’s Retreaders demand reliability and accuracy, we have met their needs.  We invite you to compare our equipment to other manufacturers and see why the CB Buffer is the choice of quality conscience Retreaders.