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Features and benefits

  • 60" diameter x 15' long straight side
  • Handles up to 12 tires per cycle up to 36 tires in an 8 hour shift.
  • 612 model features Indirect Steam for fast, cost efficient curing process.
  • 712 model features Electric Heating.
  • Optional size will accommodate 15 tires per cycle.
  • Modulating temperature control maintains constant temperature throughout the chamber at setting desired i.e. 200 to 300F.
  • Medium temperature curing (260 to 280F) increases envelope and tube life. Minimal casing heat exposure.
  • Indirect High Efficiency Steam Heat Exchangers provide in excess of 400,000 BTU'S (80 psi steam input).
  • High Velocity Dry Hot Air System (7 ½ H.P.) fan delivers 2,200 C.F.M. through ducting system that directs heat to tread curing area and exchanges air in the chamber every 5 seconds.
  • Independent Chamber Pressures up to 100 psi (unrelated to heat). Automatic Adjustable Tire Differential Pressure setting.
  • Automatic Control Sequence for curing cycle heat, inflation and blow down, chart recorders for heat and pressure.
  • Individual Tire Inflation Line, Vent Line and Control Shut off Valves isolate tire if an inner tube or envelope leak occurs. Helps minimize production loss.
  • Hoses and vent lines designed for hook-up outside of Treadchamber.
  • Unique VULCAN Door with Powered Interlock Design is ASME Pressure Vessel approved.
  • Low energy costs (only 5 boiler H.P.) required to maintain temperature. Fast warm up (35 minutes). Closed steam system for minimal maintenance.
  • Fast, uniform heat throughout the chamber for optimum cure.
  • Higher pressure cure for best adhesion.
  • Dry hot air for minimal chamber maintenance.
  • Optional Monorail and Air Operated Tire Lift reduces operator fatigue and time required for cure cycle changeover.

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VULCAN-VULCAP System IV 612/712 Precure Treadchamber