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TB-526 Treadchamber
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Features and benefits

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    VULCAN-VULCAP TB-526 Treadchamber
  • 52" diameter x 63" long straight side.
  • Compact space saving design handles up to six 12.00 x 24 tires per cycle.
  • All controls have adjustable temperature and pressure settings and are operator engineered for convenience and safety.
  • The TB526 is ASME approved, has safety interlock "Zero pressure indicator" which promotes maximum operator safety by ensuring that the door cannot be opened when the chamber is pressurized.
  • The autoclave chamber has a unique, air over oil Hydraulic Door Interlock System and Pressurized "O" Ring designed for optimum steam heat retention, pressure and safe operation.
  • Air Operated Tire Loader simplifies change over, reduces operator fatigue.
  • Independent Tire Envelope Vent and Air Supply Controls can isolate a defective tube or envelope during curing cycle.
  • Long Hoses with inner and outer springs automatically adjust tire pressure differential.
  • Available in 60 to 70 psi Direct Steam Configuration for fast heat up, maximum efficiency and cost effective operation.
  • Rugged design and quality construction ensures continuous productivity.