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Today, more retreaders are turning to VULCAN-VULCAP Tire Precure Chambers for high efficiency and productivity, top quality and safety.

Available in 6, 12, 15, 23 and 25 tire chamber accommodation or custom sizes, with your choice of indirect steam, electric or thermal oil operation. These Tire Precure Chambers (autoclaves) provide fast warm-up response for superior quality cure performance and low operating costs.

All VULCAN-VULCAP Treadchambers are:

  • Operator engineered with fully automatic, controls are located at eye level for easy readability, access and safety.
  • The high efficiency heat circulating system provides constant, uniform temperature for maximum productivity.
  • Unique Air over oil Hydraulic Interlock Door System provides maximum energy efficiency and additional operator safety while insulated jacketed chamber with hard cover reduces heat loss.
  • VULCAN-VULCAP Autoclaves are A.S.M.E., National Board approved, Lloyd's Design approved and TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Pressure Vessel Branch, Province of Ontario) approved.
  • Monorail system is used to transport the tires to and from the Treadchamber off the ground, increasing envelope life and minimizing shop space required, as well as handling. The air operated Tire Lift raises the tire assembly onto the rail dollies. This prevents operator fatigue due to handling of heavy tires and rims.
  • VULCAN-VULCAP easy load and unload Monorail Systems reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity. Available to suit your shop requirements.





  Front view 60" diameter x 27'10" straight side indirect steam heated 
  Autoclave including automatic control process for processing 
  of rubber


  Rear view of Autoclave


  Open door Autoclave


  Interior of Autoclave


  Side view of control system


  Front view of control system