Manufacturer of Tire Repair Equipment

Specialised in Vulcanizing Equipment and Section Repair Molds

For Tire of all Sizes Including OTR.


Retreading Equipment for bus, truck, tractor and OTR vehicles.


Our equipment is patented worldwide - designed by tire people for the tire industry. We have supplied over 1,400 tire shops in more than 40 countries with our equipment and based on recently published figures in a trade magazine, VULCAN still is the leader on a percentage basis of installed equipment to the independent tire industry.

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We developped a revolutionary concept in tire vulcanizing

VULCAN-VULCAP Industries has been marketing dependable equipment for over 60 years. We have invested in continuous improvement in our manufacturing facility and our products.

Today with over 10,000 machines sold, VULCAN-VULCAP Industries Inc., still supplies parts for these molds as well as manufacturing a new generation of Section Repair Molds and Vulcaflex® Vulcanizing Repair Systems for truck and OTR tires.

Our marketing standard demands that every VULCAN-VULCAP Equipment Distributor have a trained technician with the skills to facilitate your equipment service needs. It is our way of strengthening our commitment to you our customer.

Our Products

Vulcaflex System

In response to the market demand for a flexible Tire repair system which will enable the repair shop to use one system for a larger range of tires, Vulcan-Vulcap has redesigned... Read More

Section Repair Mold

VULCAN-VULCAP Section Repair Mold systems supply the correct time, temperature and pressure to ensure proper vulcanizing of repairs from the smallest passenger... Read More



Tire Stand

This simple and effective tire stand is build of heavy duty square stock providing durability and strength for all tire sizes and a rollerized beam for easy rotation. Read More

Tire Repair Clamp

Vulcan-Vulcap VRC OTR Tire Repair Clamps are portable, easy to manoeuvre and ideal for the repair of most OTR tires in the tread, sidewall and shoulder areas. Read More

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All About Section Repair

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Introduction to Section Repair

Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Mold systems supply the correct time, temperature and pressure to ensure proper vulcanizing of repairs from the smallest passenger tire to truck, tractor, skidder, grader and OTR (Earthmover Tires). Molds are compact, rugged and lightweight.
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The Re-emerging Importance

As early as 1950, the founder of Vulcan Industries, Mr. E. J. Alm worked on a revolutionary Vulcanizer which he perfected just in time to meet the casing shortage for retreaders, with the introduction of the tubeless tire.
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Time, temperature and pressure

Vulcan-Vulcap Industries Inc. – The World Leader in Section Repair Equipment supplies these important elements with their Section Repair Molds, MV Series, Vulcaflex® and VRC OTR and VTRC Truck, Tractor and Grader Tire Repair Clamps.
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