About Vulcan Vulcap

We manufacture tire repair and retread equipment of top quality

About Vulcan Vulcap

At Vulcan-Vulcap Industries Inc. we design and manufacture tire repair and vulcanizing equipment of top quality. Our goal is to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably today …and in the future.

Canadian owned since 1956, Vulcan Equipment Company was founded by Erhard J. Alm who changed the tire repair industry with a revolutionary concept in tire vulcanizing. He invented the first portable, electric mold for passenger and commercial tires. The birth of the Vulcan MPB Passenger Section Repair Mold cut curing time from 90 to 30 minutes, required minimum electricity and was mass produced at a price that enthused tire repair and retread shops around the world.

Today with over 10,000 machines sold, Vulcan-Vulcap Industries Inc., still supplies parts for these molds as well as manufacturing a new generation of Section Repair Molds and Vulcaflex® Vulcanizing Repair Systems for truck and OTR tires. They repair tires ranging from truck tires to 54, 5/80/57 (Giant) OTR tires. Vulcan-Vulcap Industries also manufactures a wide range of tire repair and retread accessories for truck and OTR Equipment.

Our commitment to “leading edge equipment” continues with advanced research and development skills and technology, coupled with rigorous testing and evaluation. We want to supply you with the best available equipment at competitive prices.