Introduction to Section Repair

To ensure a proper vulcanizing of your repairs

Introduction to section repair and to OTR Vulcanizers

Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Mold systems supply the correct time, temperature and pressure to ensure proper vulcanizing of repairs from the smallest passenger tire to truck, tractor, skidder, grader and OTR (Earthmover Tires). Molds are compact, rugged and lightweight.

The unique airbag system provides even pressure to properly repair today’s radial or bias tires distortion-free by using the Vulcan-Vulcap inflatable mandrel system. A shaped air mandrel that expands to fit the tire being repaired is utilized, using a differential air control system supplying the correct pressure to both inside and outside of the tire. This provides even pressure over the injured area of the tire.

Molded thermostatically controlled heatpads for both inside and outside of the tire provide precise curing temperature for a good, solid cure. Time is very critical as rubber cures at different rates. All Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Molds cure simultaneously from both inside and outside. A curing cycle of approx. 2 minutes per 1/32″ of rubber thickness can be achieved with the temperature of approx. 300 F (149C)

Earlier models of Vulcanizers used solid cores or mandrels, which were heated. However, this method was replaced with a more versatile method where inflatable mandrels, internal and external airbags together with heatpads are used for a broad range of tire sizes. The old solid core mandrels were only practical for a specific shape of tire, usually bias type, whereas the new inflatable mandrel method allows the system to conform to each tire (whether radial or bias tires) under repair.

All old Vulcan and National Section Molds can be easily retro-fitted with the Inflatable Air Mandrel and Differential Air Control System.

Please Note:

All stated tire sizes related to Section Repair Molds are recommended sizes only. It is the user’s responsibility by inserting appropriate Airbags, Filler Bags and Adaptors to decide which tire sizes can be repaired safely in the various models!


Introduction to MV Section Repair Molds

The tradition of quality, dependability, performance, outstanding cost, and energy efficiency continues with the series of Vulcan-Vulcap MV Section Repair Molds.

The Vulcan-Vulcap family of patented OTR Vulcanizers, which have recently been developed in addition to our passenger and truck Section Molds, are the most up-to-date Section Repair Molds designed. They are supported with 50 years of Section Mold manufacturing, carrying on the tradition of Vulcan-Vulcap quality equipment. The MV Series will outperform all other equipment now manufactured. U.S. Patents have been issued. The Vulcan-Vulcap MV Series covers the complete range of OTR tires at the lowest cost. Even the latest models of the giant tires will fit in the Vulcan-Vulcap MV-40 Section Molds. They are fast and efficient, a one-man operation in most cases. A repair made in a Vulcan-Vulcap MV Mold can be guaranteed for the life of the tread. There simply is no better and more efficient repair method to guarantee a proper repair consistently every time.

From the MV-20 model designed for tire section repairs of tractors, skidders and graders through the MV-40 model designed for OTR giant tire repair, Vulcan-Vulcap has the full range of products to help keep your customers on the move.