Cylindrical Airbags For Vulcaflex Truck Tractor Tire Repair

Constructed of heat resistant rubber to ensure a maximum service life.

Cylindrical Airbags for Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair

Pictured below are various views of the latest results of Vulcan-Vulcap’S research and development in a continuous effort to improve our Tire repair systems. The cylindrical Airbags are constructed of heat resistant rubber core for Truck and Tractor Tires to be repaired. Vulcan-Vulcap developed special techniques and molds to produce these Airbags. Pre-shrunk nylon covers ensure safety and maximum service life.

Inflatable mandrel for truck tire repairInflatable airbag for truck tire repair

Vulcaflex® Inflatable Mandrel for Truck Tires

All Vulcan-Vulcap Heatpads are built to and standards and certified to