Heatpads And Airbgs For Vulcaflex And Other Flexible Systems

Heatpads and Airbgs for Vulcaflex® and other flexible systems

Vulcan-Vulcap now manufactures a full range of Thermocouple Heatpads and Airbags for all Strap, Flexible, OTR and Truck Tire Repair Systems. Our Heatpads are fully compatible with MONARCH, NATIONAL or VULCAN systems. They are equipped with the proper plugs for each system they are ordered for. These pads generally are more rugged than pads manufactured by other companies and have a reputation for outlasting others.

For certain applications, we do have L-shaped Heatpads that conform to the shoulder of the tire to be repaired. These pads are better than thin, flat pads as they are already contoured for the shoulder of the tire.

Heatpad for retreadingVV2210H
Truck Heatpad
Heated Surface 18.5″ x 9′
Overall Size 22″ x 10″

Truck Heatpad
Heated Surface 12″ x 13″
Overall Size 18″ x 13″

Truck Heatpad
Heated Surface 19″ x 15.5″
Overall 22″ x 17″


All Vulcan-Vulcap Heatpads are built to and standards and certified to