Vulcaflex OTR system

Will enable the repair shop to use one system for the complete OTR range of tires.

Vulcaflex OTR system


Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Molds are the result of over 60 years of research and development by Vulcan.  Our patented MV series rigid models Section Repair Molds have proven themselves in the field over many years due to their stability and quick set up time.

In response to the market demand for a flexible OTR Tire Repair System which will enable the repair shop to use one system for the complete OTR range of tires, Vulcan-Vulcap has redesigned and is offering the Vulcan-Vulcap Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System as described in detail below.  We believe this will enhance and complement our complete line of Tire Repair Machinery.

The Vulcan-Vulcap Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System offers the most advanced method of curing OTR section repairs on one system to the professional tire repair man.  The system uses an outside flat airbag, an outside heatpad, an inside heatpad and an inflatable mandrel/airbag to accomplish distortion free repairs on radial, bias and low profile OTR tires.

The mandrels are lightweight, durable and easy to position in the tire.  The system adjusts perfectly to the contour of the tire for distortion-free repairs of radial, bias ply, low profile, wide base and skidder or tractor tires.

Ratchets provide maximum tensioning with minimum force.  High test abrasion resistant webbing guarantees maximum strength.

Independent Digital Temperature Read-Outs allow the operator to see both inside and outside Heatpad temperatures at a glance. Thermocouples in the pads automatically control temperatures ensuring simple, trouble free operation.

With Core Temperature Control which allows to control curing time of the repair using 2 thermocouple wires from repair through AUX1 & AUX2.  Curing cycle will automatically terminate when preset curing temperature is reached.

Vulcaflex® Heatpads are generally more rugged and last longer than those made by others.

The Vulcaflex® System is relatively light and compact.  As a result, it can easily be moved to various different locations to perform repairs.  Operation is simple.  Experienced tire repair people will produce excellent, lasting repairs.

You can cure section repairs on all tire sizes from 13.00 through 55.5/85-57 with the purchase of the entire Vulcan-Vulcap Vulcaflex® OTR Curing System.  Custom ordering of components is available to operations which specialize in specific tire sizes.