When you buy Vulcan-Vulcap, you get the best

Our equipment is patented worldwide – designed by tire people for the tire industry. We have supplied over 1,400 tire shops in more than 40 countries with our equipment and based on recently published figures in a trade magazine, Vulcan still is the leader on a percentage basis of installed equipment to the independent tire industry.

Please Note: The art of repairing tires lies in the hands of your tire repair man. He must inspect, skive, cement and build the repair. Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Vulcanizers will cure the repair the way the repair was built.

A repaired tire rarely fails if the right time, temperature and pressure is utilized during the Repair/Vulcanizing process. Vulcan-Vulcap Section Repair Molds and Systems are designed and built to guarantee these three critically important elements in the repair process. It is the partnership between the skill and art of properly patching the area of the tire injury and vulcanizing it subsequently that will guarantee a perfect repair consistently.

All Vulcan-Vulcap Heatpads are built to and standards and certified to .